Smart Home &
IoT Ecosystem Consultancy Service

In the smart home and IoT ecosystem, the complexity of smart home connectivity can be overwhemling. Allion can assist vendors to ensure their products operate at maximum functionality without interference, interoperability, or software/hardware integration problems.


Problems When Everything is Connected

In the new era of IoT, users can control connected products like smart air conditioners and smart lighting via mobile Apps or smart speakers. Tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Xiaomi, and Huawei are also expanding their ecosystems to provide convenient, energy-saving, and intelligent connected home services.

However, there can be connectivity issues in different stages of data transfer:

The above-mentioned issues can be solved through the following services.

Create Your Advantage—Allion’s One-Stop Consultancy Service

Ecosystem Interoperability & Real-World Testing

In order to avoid passing in the lab but failing in real-life, Allion makes sure that your products can operate harmoniously with other products or systems. Our engineers can simulate real-world conditions with a device library of 1000+ devices with common user behavior to verify the actual performance of the product.

For more on interoperability tests, please see our Interoperability Test Center webpage.

Mobile App Consultancy Service

What do users expect from Smart Home products? Seamless compatibility, stable wireless connections, and user-friendly interfaces to win the heart of users and build a positive online reputation.

Based on industry ecosystems and device attributes, we ensure that our mobile apps are able to satisfy users’ expectations and usability requirements.

For more on Mobile App Testing, please see our Mobile App AI Testing webpage.

Wireless Infrastructure Consulting Service (WICS)

Wireless technologies nowadays can be optimized via interoperability and hardware/software testing, yet it is not enough if the product usage environment is poorly built for wireless connectivity.

For more on wireless infrastructure consultancy, please see our WICS webpage.

Security Evaluation

With devices connected in a smart home, device security is of utmost importance. Allion’s cybersecurity test solution will evaluate the safety level of your device based on device’s features and potential risks.

For more on device security, please see our Security Lab webpage.

Compliance & Certification

Since smart home devices often rely on wireless technologies, wireless performance plays a crucial important role in determining product quality.

  • Wi-Fi Certification
    • According to IDC, total Wi-Fi device shipments are forecasted to surpass 20 billion by 2023. Wi-Fi 6 device shipments will reach 5 billion.
    • Cisco’s VNI study predicts that up to 59% of Internet traffic will flow through Wi-Fi by 2022.
  • Bluetooth® Certification
    • According to 2019 Bluetooth® Market Update, total annual Bluetooth® device shipments will reach 5.4 billion by 2023. In addition, by 2023, 90% of all speakers will include Bluetooth®.
  • Other Certifications

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