What is a Loudspeaker Driver?

Loudspeaker drivers are core engines within speaker systems that play a decisive role in their product’s overall sound quality. This essential component converts electrical signals into sound and is widely used in a variety of electronic products. Usual applications include: home audio systems, mobile devices, computers, car audio systems, electronic toys, smart home devices, medical equipment, educational devices, and factory PA systems.

Loudspeaker Driver Sound Quality Measurement: The Essential Path for Acoustic Performance Evaluation

Loudspeaker drivers typically cannot operate independently. They require coordination with external structures, which include speaker enclosures, sound chambers, and sound ducts to fully utilize their acoustic performance. This forms a loudspeaker system, or loudspeaker module, that accurately evaluates the true performance of the speaker system, which is essential when conducting independent testing of loudspeaker drivers under consistent testing conditions. This ensures the electrical and acoustic performance data is comparable.

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How is Loudspeaker Driver Performance Evaluated?

The internationally recognized standard for assessing the performance of loudspeaker drivers is IEC 60268-5, which comprehensively evaluates key indicators that include: frequency response, distortion, and power handling capabilities.

It is crucial to consider a professional sound quality measurement environment and equipment when searching for acoustic verification. To meet consumer demands, Allion Labs Acoustic Consulting Team employs professional acoustic baffles compliant with IEC 60268-5 and provides precise professional measurement results in an anechoic chamber environment tailored to product specifications.


IEC Acoustic Baffle (IEC 60268-5)

IEC Acoustic Baffle is a professional tool designed specifically for measuring loudspeaker drivers. It provides a standardized environment for the loudspeaker driver, thereby offering reliable test data.

IEC Acoustic Baffle (IEC 60268-5)
IEC Acoustic Baffle (IEC 60268-5) (The picture above shows a 1/2 size IEC baffle)


Anechoic Chamber

The anechoic chamber provides a controllable and stable environment for testing, eliminating external interference, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the test results.

Anechoic Chamber


EIA-426-B Power Test CD

Allion Lab Acoustics has adopted the industry-standard EIA-426-B test CD to accurately assess the power capacity of the speakers. It’s focus is to ensure that, under any given output, power from the amplifier (the speaker) can still deliver good sound quality for most audio content.

This is precisely why the EIA-426-B standard is referred to as, “Loudspeakers, Optimum Amplifier Power.” It helps Allion understand and evaluate the performance limits of the speakers more comprehensively.

This tool may determine the maximum power the speaker is capable of withstanding. This is not merely related to the input electrical power, but involves a comprehensive assessment including factors such as: peak factor, rise time, and spectrum distribution.

These factors collectively affect the limits of thermal and mechanical damage that might occur to the speaker components.


Measurement Microphones

To meet the customer’s needs for their products, Allion’s Acoustics Lab has prepared microphones equipped with various specifications.

Standard Microphone

High dynamic range of 20dBA162dBSPL; high frequency range of 3.15Hz40kHz.

Low-Noise Measurement Microphone

High dynamic range of 17dBA149dBSPL; high frequency range of 3.15Hz20kHz.

Ultra-Low Noise Microphone

Dynamic range of -2dBA100dBSPL; frequency range of 12.5Hz4kHz.


Allion Acoustics Lab Loudspeaker Driver Sound Quality Consulting Services

Allion provides the following consulting services for loudspeaker driver sound quality measurement while integrating the professional environmental equipment mentioned above:

  • Component specification review
  • Measurement items:
    • Frequency Response
    • THD, THD+N
    • Sensitivity
    • Impedance Curve
    • Power Handling Capability Test
    • Long-Term Reliability Test


  • Issue isolation & Debug support
  • Competitor Analysis / Benchmark report


Allion Lab Loudspeaker Driver Sound Quality Measurement Service Process

Allion Lab Loudspeaker Driver Sound Quality Measurement Service Process


Why choose Allion as your Professional Acoustic Measurement Consultant!

As expert consultants in the field of acoustic measurement, Allion provides over 30 years of professional achievements, a professional technical team, and a comprehensive testing environment with all the necessary equipment. Allion provides your products with faster, more efficient, and more comprehensive one-stop integrated consulting services and solutions. Allion works closely with its clients to strictly monitor product quality, ensuring that your loudspeaker drivers meet or exceed all key performance indicators in the industry.



With our extensive experience in verification testing and technical expertise, Allion helps clients further reduce the measurement time for loudspeaker drivers. No matter at what development stage your product is, Allion quickly and accurately provides testing services.


By integrating AI technology and automated testing solutions, Allion ensures that every test is “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible.” Its service aims to simplify the testing process, helping clients enhance product performance in a more convenient manner.


Allion adheres to internationally recognized standards, ensuring that your products perform optimally in the market. They are committed to providing high-quality services to help upgrade your product technology, working together with you to strictly control product quality.

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If you have any further needs regarding loudspeaker driver measurements, testing, verification, or consulting services, you are welcome to visit Audio and Acoustics Test Lab or contact them through the form below. The Allion acoustic consulting team looks forward to working with you to create an exceptional audio experience and explore the endless possibilities of high-quality sound!

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