Cisco Compatible Extensions

The Cisco® Compatible Extension program provides certification for wireless devices that are interoperable with a broad range of cisco devices and networks.


Allion Test: Sure Ways to Cisco® Compatible Extension Certification

Most equipment and devices manufactured have recognized communication set-ups that may sometimes prevent full interoperability. To guarantee devices and Cisco® wireless LAN technologies are compatible, Allion verifies and validates devices under the Cisco® Compatible Extensions (CCX) program. To learn more about the extensive range of Cisco® Compatible Extensions Program, please refer here.

As a leading authorized test lab of Cisco® Compatible Extensions (CCX), Allion provides widespread programs for interoperability between devices and any Cisco® systems. Our experts support our customers with consulting and technical services during product development process for optimum interoperability solutions.

 Test Items 

  • CCX Verification Test
  • CCX Submission Process Consulting
  • Detailed Test Log File & Test Report
  • Problem Debugging & Verification
  • Project Status Online Tracking

Allion also performs similar testing services such as Wi-Fi and Windows WHQL test. Please contact us today for inquiries or technical request.