Regulatory & Reliability Tests

Our electronic and electrical experts provide comprehensive testing services
to ensure your product quality meets international standards.

Reliability & Functional Safety Services

Services include environmental testing of information communications, industrial, medical, automotive systems and components, circuit board failure analysis, highly accelerated life testing and life estimation. Air transport of various types of batteries and safety verification. It also provides product functional safety consulting, verification and training.

  • Reliability Testing
  • Environmental Simulation For Temperature/ Humidity & Weather
  • Environmental Simulations for Mechanical Stress
  • Environmental & Accelerated tests for PCBA (Thermal Cycling, Thermal Shock, Vibration, Shock, HALT…)
  • Highly Accelerated Life Test- HALT
  • MTBF Prediction
  • Battery Tests & Certifications
  • Functional Safety Consultanting Service
  • Functional Safety Training
  • Functional Safety Certification



As an indispensable active and passive component of electronic products, it has been widely used in various electronic products. In recent years, as most electronic products have became thinner, smaller, and more reliable designs, and used them in automotive electronic products, medical products, high-end servers, military regulations or wearable products, the difficulties of their design parts are increasing. The reliability of the product itself is definitely one of the key points that make the company’s products stand out. To help customers solve design and quality problems, SGS Reliability Laboratory provides comprehensive testing services and consulting. Through professional testing, we can help you design high-reliability and high-quality parts, and promote the parts to enter the competitive market. Stand out, and enhance the company’s value.

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