Video Conferencing Ecosystem Validation

Video conferencing needs have risen exponentially in the last few years, and sales of peripheral products have also increased. With this growth comes the issue of ecosystem interoperability.

Allion provides a complete video conference system validation, ensuring the stability, performance, and interoperability of your product, while satisfying the end user’s needs.

According to a study by Valuates, the video conferencing market size is expected to reach approximately 19 billion USD by 2025. Online video calling and web meeting tools have changed the way businesses communicate and work. For example, video conferencing has become a vital tool for distance learning and remote work.


While the need for video conferencing increases, the demand for peripheral hardware devices grows as well. Manufacturers are busy improving product quality and scrambling for market share. Video calls have gone from being P2P to now being multi-party. Different video conferencing systems and peripherals will undoubtedly encounter various interoperability issues, which damage the user experience and productivity.

Don’t Let Potential Risks Trip Your Sales!

Has any of the following happened during your video conferences?

  • Conferencing system crashes or disconnects, not only disrupting the meeting but also delaying later events.
  • Inconsistent sound volume and improper audio transmissions make it impossible to understand or follow a presentation.
  • Time consuming to find basic functions (such as page flipping) because of poorly designed user interface.

With the rich experience in both software and hardware testing, Allion verifies your product from the design to production stages based on a multitude of different user scenarios. Our customized video conferencing ecosystem validation is able to improve your product’s performance, stability, and interoperability.

Gatekeeper of Your Product: Allion’s 5 Pillars of Testing

1. Conference Scenario Simulation Test

Allion can simulate different meeting scenarios no matter the size of the conference room or the number of participants. By simulating multiple real-world user scenarios, we help identify the challenges that the end user might encounter.

2. Web Camera Performance Test

During a video conference, video quality is of the utmost importance. Zoom, a leading video conferencing software provider, reminds its users that video quality largely depends on the quality of the camera in use and encourages using a camera with autofocus and lighting correction to achieve a better video experience.


With high-quality video conferences, users feel like they are communicating face-to-face, and the communication efficiency can be increased. Allion provides web camera performance testing to guarantee the best image quality possible with the said camera while satisfying the needs of the end user.

  • Autofocus Accuracy Test
  • Multi-Camera Switch Test
  • Image Quality Comparison and Analysis
  • Speaker Tracking and Face Detection
3. Audio Performance Test

Aside from image quality, audio is also an important factor of video conferencing. If sound distortion, crackling, or lagging occur during a video conference, this will damage user experience as well as brand image. Allion built an acoustic test chamber, which is capable of controlling acoustic interferences and analyzing specific audio segments. Allion can bring out the best audio quality in your product.

  • Lip Reading Validation
  • Microphone/Speakerphone Connectivity Validation
  • Noise Cancelation Test
  • Bluetooth® Audio Connectivity Validation
  • Acoustic Tests

For more information on acoustic testing services, please refer to: Audio and Acoustics Test Lab

4. Interoperability Test

As the functions of connected gadgets and devices diversify, user scenarios become even more complex. How to ensure product connection efficiency as well as interoperability amongst platforms and devices has long been an important issue that the market urgently needs to solve.

In order to replicate actual user scenarios, Allion has acquired a wide collection of new products available in the market to build an Interoperability Test Center, helping you discover bugs and issues with your product.

For more information, please refer to: Interoperability Test Center

5. Special Functions Test

Aside from standard tests, Allion can provide customized testing services and solutions to assist vendors in raising product quality in order to stand out from competitions and achieve customer satisfaction.

  • PoE Equipment
  • AI Automatic Focus
  • AI Voice Control (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, XiaoAI, etc.)
  • AI Filter
  • Internet Performance Assessment

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