Zoom Hardware Certification Program

The Zoom Hardware Certifcation Program was created for products that incorporate Zoom functionality, showing the hardware is compatible with Zoom software.

Zoom Certified hardware undergoes comprehensive testing and review to create the best communication experience. The Zoom Certified badge conveys to customers there will be a high-quality, reliable communication experience.



Allion Labs is a third-party test lab that provides Zoom certification services for manufacturers to verify hardware compatibility with Zoom software. Allion executes tests based on Zoom’s requirements to ensure that reliable audio/video quality and interoperability performance can be delivered to end users during video calls.

Program Advantages

◆ Recognized and listed on the Zoom Certified Hardware page

◆ Receive a Zoom Certified badge, showing your hardware has undergone comprehensive testing

◆ Recognized and listed in the Zoom hardware partner directory as a trusted partner of Zoom

Zoom Certification Process

Test Services

  • Consulting Services
    Allion can offer consulting services, including providing a program overview, submission procedures and facilitation, assistance in communication between the client and association, and other related issues.
  • Pre-Certification Test
    Device makers who are developing their products may first conduct Pre-Certification Tests to review overall product performance before applying for the Zoom Hardware Certification Program. This can help shorten the product development timeframe and prevent potential risks in an early stage.
  • Certification Test
    Device makers who are Zoom Hardware partners may submit devices for certification testing.
  • Debugging Service
    For those who need technical assistance or have failed the Certification/Pre-Certification tests, Allion can offer debugging services to solve product issues.

For more information on the Zoom Certification, please feel free to contact us by email at US_service@allionusa-sgs.com or contact form.

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