Regulatory & Reliability Tests

Our electronic and electrical experts provide comprehensive testing services
to ensure your product quality meets international standards.

Cybersecurity Services

We provide a holistic approach with full vertical coverage across the technology stack of interconnected digital solutions for industries of Consumer, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Semiconductor.

We offer world-class cybersecurity services:

  • Trusted for impartiality, inspection, testing, verification and certification solutions
  • Working across industries covering supply chains
  • Leading think tanks together with key partners
  • Driving cybersecurity research solutions made available for all
  • Operating highly secured cyberlabs around the globe

We are leading cybersecurity experts and offering one-stop-shopping in:

  • Hardware security analysis from transistors to systems
  • Software security analysis from firmware to the cloud
  • Network security assessments from the smallest components to the internet
  • Cryptanalysis from primitives to protocols
  • Applied research for efficiency, usability and verifiability of secure solutions


Our training portfolio provides insights on various cybersecurity related aspects, from basic awareness creation, regulation and standardization landscape, to technical aspects at an expert level, such as best practices on secure designs and testing approaches.


Assessment services provide the means to identify and evaluate your cybersecurity gaps in hardware or software, within networks or infrastructure, in production facilities, or in organizational structures.


Our portfolio of cybersecurity certification services provide independent proof points that your solutions and assets fulfill industry standards, regulations or proprietary security specifications. Including EU IOT security EN 303 645, FDA/MDR cybersecurity test, Industrial IEC 62443 , automotive ISO 21434 and Common Criteria,etc.


Medical Devices Cybersecurity Testing Service

In the era of rampant hackers, the medical industry related to life and health often bears the brunt. For medical device manufacturers, most commercial insurance cannot help on hacking ransoms. Medical device manufacturers must find their way to face the challenges to protect their brand value and reduce litigation risks, and also comply with increasingly strict medical cybersecurity requirements.

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