Regulatory & Reliability Tests

Our electronic and electrical experts provide comprehensive testing services
to ensure your product quality meets international standards.

Ultra Trace Analysis Service of Semiconductor

Ultra Trace Analysis Service of Semiconductor (UTAS) focuses on the inspection of raw materials for the required chemicals and the clean testing services of process equipment systems and hardware equipment in the semiconductor and related industry chains, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of helping customers effectively control the process yield, reduce the risk of process contamination and improve product quality.

Services Item

  • Cleanroom total solution 
  • Airborne molecular contaminants (AMC) analysis service
  • HVAC system validation service
  • Compress dry air (CDA) Testing service
  • Ultra pure water quality control and testing service
  • Filtering efficiency analysis service
  • ASTM E595 testing service
  • Cleanroom garments and articles and articles cleanliness testing service
  • Silicon materials and siliicon wafer purity analysis service
  • Bulk and special process chemical analysis service
  • Bulk gas analysis service
  • Special gas analysis service
  • Occupational exposure assessment
  • Breathing air quality testing service
  • Fume cupboards testing service
  • Local scrubber DRE (Destruction removal sfficiency) testing service