HDCP is a standard implemented to protect digital entertainment content. High-Definition content, such as digital motion pictures, television programs and audio are protected from unauthorized interference.


HDCP Test at Allion: For Secure and Optimized Content

HDCP is a standard developed to protect digital entertainment content across the digital interface. High-Definition content, such as digital motion pictures, television programs and audio, can be protected from unauthorized interference. Details about HDCP program and requirements can be found at HDCP Website.

To guarantee safe and secure transmission of multimedia and digital contents, Allion is committed to the mission of HDCP. As an accredited testing Lab by DCP LLC, Allion is able to perform HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliance testing for HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort or DVI applicable products. Allion performs compliance test linked with specification and guidelines of HDCP accredited Products.

Our HDMI and HDCP test engineers at Allion have over 20 years of experience in cable / device testing, together with advanced HDCP testing equipment and technique accredited by HDCP association. With our experience and technology we continue to serve our customers in a wide range of industries, providing HDCP testing support and consulting on technical services which includes test design, debugging and other testing related demands.

Appliances Tested

  • TV
  • Display Monitor
  • Projector
  • DVD Player/Recorder
  • Graphic Card
  • Notebook
  • AV Receiver
  • Display Adapter
  • Set Top Box and more

We also perform comprehensive and secure digital content transmission and interface test for other categories such as HDMI, DisplayPort and MHL. For details on specific technical support and testing, please contact us here.