Regulatory & Reliability Tests

Our electronic and electrical experts provide comprehensive testing services
to ensure your product quality meets international standards.

EMC Services

Localized services in Taiwan for more than 30 years, from North to South area there are 6 complete EMC Laboratories established, including 2 sets of 10 m semi-anechoic chambers. The service contents covers product testing of consumer, information audio & video, wireless communications, electronic components of autos and moto-bikes, military, aviation, railway track, marine navigation, power plant and medical, and providing with a full range international verification and total solutions.


General electrical & electronics products, EMC testing and verification

  • Consumer products, home appliances and IT AV products, NB, PC, Server and their peripherals, EMC testing and verification

Full range of system integration evaluation

  • Satisfying customers to meet requirements of European supplier procurement bids in related to EN 50155 and EN 61850-3 compliance conformity evaluation of electronic products for railway vehicles, and for power plant respectively

Industrial control and special purpose electrical & electronics products, EMC testing

  • Industrial PC, Controller and Machine Human Interfaces, EMC testing compliance with EN 61131-2
  • Electrical & Electronics devices for European Marine Navigation, EMC testing compliance with EN 60945
  • Electrical & Electronics devices for US Intelligent Transportation System, EMC testing compliance with NEMA TS2

Medical devices EMC testing

  • Medical devices in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European Union markets, EMC testing compliance with general rule of 60601-1-2
  • In vitro devices / Blood glucose monitor, EMC testing compliance with IEC/EN 61326-1 and IEC/EN 61326-2-6
  • Power wheelchairs and scooters, EMC testing compliance with ISO 7176-21 and EN 12184 respectively

Electronical & electronics devices of Military, Aviation and vehicle, for functionality/wireless communications/EMC testing and verification

  • Military electronics devices, EMC testing compliance with MIL-STD-461G
  • Aviation electronics devices, EMC testing compliance with RTCA DO-160G
  • Other functionality tests related to auto parts certification program of Japan, European and US automakers and suppliers
  • North American vehicle lights CAPA functionality and EMC testing
  • Vehicle radar 77G ~ 79G devices, Wireless testing compliance with FCC/ISED/EU and verification
  • EMC testing and verification compliance with European E-Mark certification
  • MOTC recognized EMC testing lab. EMC testing and verification compliance with VSCC

EMC countermeasures component’s agency sales and services