What is Adaptive-Sync?

The gaming monitor market has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years. With the flourishing of the gaming industry and gamers’ demand for higher quality and smoother gaming experiences, gaming monitors have become an indispensable part of gaming equipment. Here are some insights into the gaming monitor market. One crucial aspect is the introduction of high refresh rates and Adaptive-Sync technology. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) introduced the Adaptive-Sync (variable refresh rate) feature for gaming products with the release of the DisplayPort 1.4 spec. This allows users to reduce screen tearing and latency during gameplay, providing a smoother gaming experience. Synchronization between graphics cards and monitors with different refresh rates is crucial. Adaptive-Sync functionality is now widely supported in gaming monitors and high-end graphics cards from Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and others. However, for consumers investing in such high-spec products, the inability to achieve the desired functionality can greatly impact the consumer experience.

Risk and Solutions for Delay in Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors are products used by high-end professional gamers, and performance is of utmost importance. Through long-term collaboration with mainstream display brands in the market, Allion has discovered from customer feedback that many monitors incorporating Adaptive-Sync functionality still experience issues such as screen stuttering and tearing, as illustrated in the image below.

The main reason is that AdaptiveSync certification is not mandatory. Many manufacturers overlook the importance of relevant verification without certification, leading to undetected product design flaws. In response to this issue, Allion offers the following solution:

Solution – Dynamic Testing Patterns

1. No screen tearing

Dynamic Testing Patterns-No screen tearing

2. Screen tearing

Screen Tearing

We utilize Adaptive-Sync dynamic testing patterns, which can be paired with mainstream high-speed motion games. Combined with high-speed cameras, we can thoroughly examine whether screen tearing or delays occur, ensuring optimal gaming product performance.

Faster, Easier, Better!DisplayPort Audio-visual Product Testing and Validation Services

Allion is accredited by VESA as the Authorized Test Lab (ATC) that provides DisplayPort certification services. We can help developers worldwide meet the performance standard. With an extensive range of DP devices, we ensure product compatibility, offering the best quality control for your products. With professional testing techniques and rich experience, we provide rapid and accurate evaluations, effectively reducing design verification time. We offer optimal consultancy services, assisting customers in overcoming potential issues and minimizing the risk of product recalls and returns.


With our professional testing techniques and extensive experience, we can provide quick and accurate assessments, effectively shortening the time for design verification. Allion is accredited by VESA as the Authorized Test Lab (ATC) that provides DisplayPort certification services, capable of helping customers swiftly meet the performance standard. The company possesses a comprehensive range of DP devices to ensure product compatibility, enabling us to provide the best quality control for your products.

  • Our rich equipment and experience allow us to provide verification plans quickly.
  • We promptly assist customers in obtaining standard certifications.


Allion has a complete DP hardware verification equipment set and compatibility testing environments. Through our testing protocols, Allion ensures that each verification assessment exhibits the characteristics of “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible.” Our services can help you simplify the process and enhance your products’ quality and overall performance.

  • More accurate test results
  • Professional Issue Isolation and Debugging Support facilitate smoother product development


Allion boasts a professional technical team with extensive experience designing quantifiable testing methods and verifying user experiences. We ensure your products meet regulatory requirements and user expectations, allowing them to perform optimally in real-world applications. Our expert team at Allion can also provide product modification recommendations and apply standards from various international associations to product development. This will further enhance product quality, ensuring that products meet high standards and comply with international regulations.

  • Better and more comprehensive assistance in establishing supply chain quality management
  • Better and more comprehensive user scenario simulation testing

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