Allion, a Promoter of Quiet Technology, Provides Various Noise-related Consulting Services

Noise negatively impacts our health and productivity. Usually, products that run silently have been more favored by users. Quietness has become a crucial evaluation point that consumers care about. Allion’s acoustic consulting team has been paying attention to related market trends for long periods. By working closely with major manufacturers, we understand the testing requirements for low-frequency background noise. For these demands, we built testing environments to modify hi-fi audio products and ensure our client’s products meet testing requirements.

Taking Care of Even the Tiniest Sounds to Become Noise-free

In an anechoic chamber, the sound waves and reflections are absorbed and only sound sources will exist in the chamber. This eliminates the influence of environmental noise and interference, providing a perfect testing environment.

The specifications of our anechoic chamber have a cutoff frequency of as low as 100Hz, a 10dBA noise floor, and a microphone measurement system configured to -2dBA. This provides an extremely accurate and low noise for measuring a wide range of frequencies.

Allion’s noise-related consulting services include:

  1. Noise Source Location

Pinpoint the location of the noise source. Even tiny SMD components on PCBs can be found.

  1. Noise Analysis

Accurately identify, classify, and quantify various noises in products.

  1. Sound Quality Assessment

Customized analysis equipment is used to ensure high sound quality

  1. Regulatory Compliance Testing

Ensuring our client’s products are by international standards and regulations. These can also be customized for our client’s specific market.

  1. Competitive Analysis

Help our client’s products get the best positioning in the market with noise comparisons.

Noise-related Case Study

What’s challenging about measuring noise sources on circuit boards are the small sizes of the PCB board and the low noise levels. The solutions for these two issues are often in conflict with one another.

Allion’s team has overcome this issue and developed a noise measurement testing tool to conduct positioning measurements in 4 different locations on PCB boards to locate the noise source. From the relative dB value of each point and the background noise, the location of the main noise source can be pinpointed.

From the results in the graph below, the noise source can be found in position P2.

Noise-related Case Study
Noise-related Case Study

Why Choose Allion?

Extreme low noise measurement: We are equipped with microphones that measure -2dBA, able to capture the tiniest sounds.

  • Cutting-edge testing facilities: Two anechoic chambers and four listening rooms are used for precise measurement.
  • Industry-leading testing equipment: Advanced equipment is used to provide accurate and reliable results.
  • Expert analysis: Our team is comprised of experienced audio and sound professionals.
  • Collaborations with experts in various fields: Experts from various fields work with us, such as acoustic, audio, radio frequency, automatic control engineering, and more.
  • Custom solutions: Whether it is automobiles, consumer electronics, or hi-fi audio products, Allion can provide customized testing services for audio-related products.

Not only do we measure noise, but we also define the quality of the sound. Let Allion improve the acoustics of your products.

Faster, Easier, Better! Your Most Trusted Noise-related Consulting Services

Allion has decades of experience and expertise in identifying, measuring, and analyzing audio. With our low-noise microphones and high-end testing equipment, Allion is confident in providing the most accurate noise-related testing and positioning for our client’s products.


With industry-leading high-frequency and high-speed measuring capabilities, Allion is able to help our clients to further accelerate the product testing cycle for various standard or special specifications, leading to more growth in the market.


By implementing AI and automation solutions, Allion ensures that every test is “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible”, helping our clients to improve product performance in a more efficient manner.


Allion has professional teams with decades of experience who have deep knowledge of user scenario testing experience, ensuring the performance of our client’s products.

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If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services, please feel free to contact us through the online form.