With the widespread adoption of USB-C connectors, USB-C related products have gained popularity in the market. Existing monitors may not have a USB-C input interface, leading to the rise of USB-C docking solutions that support various output interfaces (HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA). USB-C docking allows users to connect non-USB-C monitors, enjoying the benefits of USB-C applications such as image display, data transfer, and simultaneous charging. However, if these functions fail to operate correctly, it significantly impacts user experience and may drive consumers to purchase products from other brands.

Risk and Solution Overview for USB-C Docking Applications

USB-C docking typically supports USB 3.2 (5Gbps/10Gbps) data transfer, making simultaneous USB data and image signal transmission the most common user scenario. Allion has collaborated with numerous renowned brands and ODM manufacturers, and we have repeatedly assisted clients in identifying severe screen flickering issues in this application context.

This article focuses on real test cases, illustrating the scenario where a product, such as a USB-C docking connected to a PC and HDMI monitor (as shown in the diagram below), experiences significant screen flickering when reading data from a USB 3.2 flash drive. The screen stops flickering upon removing the USB 3.2 flash drive.


Allion’s professional technical consulting team identified the main issue as interference between DP and USB signals, resulting in poor transmission quality. We assisted the client with recommendations and modifications:

  • Adjusting the Equalization parameters in the USB-C dock’s MUX responsible for handling DP and USB signals to resolve the issue.

Through Allion’s consulting services, we help clients solve issues before product launch, minimizing the risk of returns due to subsequent problems.

Allion can provide a faster, easier and better integrated consulting services and solutions. USB-C Accessories Consulting Service

As a professional testing and consulting laboratory, Allion leverages years of industry experience to provide customized testing plans for products like USB-C docking and adapters. Allion offers the following testing services to help clients eliminate potential issues and reduce the risk of product recalls and returns:

  • Customized Testing Plan Consulting Service
  • Compatibility Testing
  • User Scenario and Experience Testing
  • Competitor Analysis and Quality Improvement Consulting
  • Certification Testing


With professional testing techniques and rich experience, Allion provides rapid and accurate evaluations, effectively reducing design verification time. Allion has a comprehensive range of USB and other display interface devices, ensuring product compatibility and delivering the highest quality assurance for your product.

  • Rapid establishment of the USB device ecosystem
  • Quick development and verification strategy
  • Swift access to verification plans


Allion possesses complete hardware verification equipment and compatibility environments. Through our testing solutions, Allion ensures that every verification assessment is qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible. Our services help you simplify the process and enhance product quality and overall performance.

  • More accurate test results
  • Professional issue isolation and debugging support for easier product development


With a professional technical team and extensive experience, Allion knows how to design quantifiable test methods and user experience verification. Even when meeting regulatory requirements, our services ensure your product meets user expectations in real-world applications. Our expert team can provide product modification suggestions and apply various international association standards to the product development process, further improving product quality and ensuring compliance with international standards.

  • Better assistance in establishing supply chain quality management
  • Better and more comprehensive user scenario simulation testing


If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services related to the cable and connector, please feel free to contact with us.