What are Smart Homes?

Smart homes are technological devices connected across various networks which include: systematic living spaces, transmission equipment, remote controls, and automation equipment. These appliances . The following are capable of connecting to the smart home network: Wi-Fi Access Point and Hub, transmission devices, Tablet, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, etc.

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Allion builds Smart Home Verification Fields specially for you!

Due to the proliferation of communication technology standards, the production of smart home products and their application scenarios have been growing at an exponential rate. The connections between today’s smart devices have become extremely diverse and complex, which may be difficult to handle.

Allion has created a verification and consulting environment specially designed for smart home products with the aim to help manufacturers ensure that their products are capable of operating at maximum functionality while avoiding interference, ensuring interoperability, and solving software in addition to hardware integration issues.

Within the home environment, applications from Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung’s ecosystems are built and integrated, together with applications that include: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, Matter, HDMI, DP, and Wireless Display. Allion is capable of following product features and customer needs, providing customized consulting services in Ecosystem Verification, Wireless Technologies, Home Application, User Experience, etc. Allion aims to assist manufacturers in finding problems early to avoid having customer’s problems reach consumers. In the process, reducing consumer complaints and increase customer satisfaction.

Image displays the Smart Home product verification environment
Image displays the Smart Home product verification environment
Image of the Smart Home Devices
Image of the Smart Home Devices

A One-stop solution for Smart Home consulting services

In addition to building various types of home scenarios for smart devices and user experiences, Allion’s smart home consulting services also provide the following:

Why choose Allion for your smart home product consulting services!

Allion has responded to the potential risks smart home products pose by establishing different types of houses, ecosystem applications, and controllable environmental reference parameters to ensure product quality. This provides smart home consulting and verification services in addition to providing smart home standard authentication services, which include: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, BBF.398, and OpenSync. With extensive experience in testing Internet products, in addition to the in-depth testing of various Protocol , wireless equipment, radio wave isolation chambers, etc., Allion is confident it will provide the finest verification for your products and the most professional consulting services


As a legitimately recognized laboratory for major wireless standards, Allion provides global customers with wired and wireless-related: certifications, technical consulting, ecosystem compatibility, competitive product analysis and comparison, in addition to other customized verification and consulting services. With professional expertise extend over thirty years of testing and verification experience, your smart products may proceed through the development and verification process.


Allion provides certification standards that offer one-stop consulting services to meet inspection needs, including user scenario simulation verification. This service is crucial for smart home products, aiming to simulate the product’s real usage scenarios and verify experience quality.


To ensure that customers’ products may successfully connect and operate across brands and systems succeeding the product verification process, Allion has the most comprehensive ecosystem of associated technology on the market. This encompasses, but is not limited to: wireless APs, wireless routers, mobile devices from major brands ( including the latest iOS and Android systems), and the latest devices that support Matter. Allion acquires them to suit your needs, and is committed to providing a complete quality service.

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For more information about smart home consulting services, or other wireless technology verification services, please feel free to contact Allion for a consultation.