Information appliances are consistently improving in functionality and elevating transmission speeds, posing higher challenges for the quality and efficiency of related testing. With testing specifications become more complex and rigorous, an array of factors and scenarios need to be considered. Therefore, effectively completing all tests within limited time, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the tests, becomes an important and urgent issue.

Still Relying on Manual Testing? Uncover Potential Risks that Cannot Be Ignored

Products with various complex functionalities pose challenges for verification testing. Depending solely on manual operation testing introduces risks such as incorrect operations causing errors or overlooking test items, while also limiting the effective increase in testing speed. In addition, products with high frequency or high-speed characteristics present a significant challenge. Many such products cannot be efficiently tested manually, and manual testing would be time-consuming.

Furthermore, manual testing may yield inconsistent results. To address these potential risks, Allion has developed fixtures tailored for various interfaces and automation solutions. These solutions effectively save time and energy for manufacturers while enhancing product quality.

Automating to Overcome Testing Challenges

USB-C® – Tx & Long Channel Rx Precet. Test Fixture

(1) USB-C® – Tx & Long Channel Rx Precet. Test Fixture

Conducting Intel USB-C 3.1 Tx testing requires two different fixtures, corresponding to UFP and DFP individually. However, the most troublesome issue is that these fixtures often break within a few months and cannot be repaired. To avoid this problem, Allion has developed Pre-Cert fixture that integrates the functions of both, allowing for simple switching without the need to constantly exchange fixtures. This not only significantly reduces the probability of damage but also makes testing more time-saving and efficient.

PCIe® Automatic Measurement System (APMS)

(2) PCIe® Automatic Measurement System (APMS)

Allion offers the industry’s first PCIe Automatic Measurement System (Allion PCIe Multiport System, APMS), significantly expediting PCIe measurement processes and reducing cycles. This enhances the efficiency and turnover rate of measurement equipment, providing notable advantages:

  1. Fivefold Increase in Speed: APMS is five times faster than manual testing, saving 80% of the time. This not only reduces equipment and labor costs but also strengthens competitiveness in time to market.
  2. 8 Lanes Tx/Rx Automatic Switching: It features automatic switching with 8 lanes Tx/Rx, eliminating the need for manual replacement of cables and terminators, and avoiding power cycle each time a lane is changed, saving time and minimizing insertion loss.
  3. Flexible Configuration Options: Users can choose spec generation, lane and preset modes based on specific requirements.
  4. Consistent, High-Quality Results: The system ensures consistent and high-quality measurement results, eliminating errors that may arise from human mistakes.
  5. Customizable Device-End Measurement: Apart from measuring at the system end, APMS can also perform customized measurements at the device end.

Faster, Easier, Better: Allion Exclusive Fixture Service

Allion has experienced RD teams that can assist customers in producing fixtures tailored to their needs based on high frequency, automation, and customization, achieving the following objectives:


Automated design speeds up testing, extending testing hours to all day.


Customized design makes it easier and more convenient for customers to operate.


Fixtures based on high frequency, automation, and customization reduce human errors and produce accurate results.


Allion’s exclusively developed and multiple technology association-approved, becoming certification-designated test fixtures. Whether it’s high-frequency measurements or automated fixtures, we can provide customized fixture design services tailored to various standards or special specifications, accumulating experience with over a hundred high-frequency fixture design cases, allowing you to achieve twice the results with half the effort!

If you have any requirements or questions, please contact us.