USB4 products feature higher data transmission speeds, so extra care must be taken in the layout of the PCB and selection of connectors. To confirm the quality of a product, the most direct method is to use a network analyzer to measure the impedance and return loss of the high-speed signal lines for USB4 products.

Potential Risks

Some manufacturers may deviate from specifications in their product layout design, or opt for uncertified connectors due to budget constraints. These decisions can result in abnormal product functionality, including reduced data transmission and abnormal screen display. Such products often exhibit poorer performance in terms of impedance continuity or return loss characteristics.

Real Example

In the red circle on the left side of the diagram, you can see a significant impedance mismatch at the connector, which often leads to a fail in return loss at the red circle on the right side as well.

USB4 products real case
USB4 products feature higher data transmission speeds


Through Allion’s professional and experienced consulting team, utilizing the network vector analyzer E5071C, and performing specific waveform tests on USB4 products, the impedance and return loss of the product can be thoroughly examined to ensure optimal product quality.

utilizing the network vector analyzer E5071C

Faster, Easier, Better! 


The Allion consulting team possesses professional-grade, high-frequency precision network vector analyzers, capable of providing fast and accurate impedance and return loss data and charts, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test results.


Allion also offers multidimensional analysis and measurement support for identifying the causes and solutions of signal reflection losses. This comprehensive analysis helps manufacturers gain a deeper understanding of signal reflection losses , enabling them to better to grasp process variation factors. Consequently, they can optimize product design and improve signal quality and performance.


While assisting and supporting manufacturers in problem-solving and providing evidence, Allion also offers testing from relevant institutions and environmental compatibility testing to provide comprehensive and high-quality services, ensuring that products meet standard requirements.


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