Wi-SUN FAN is an international standard for wide-area and long-distance communications. The next-generation Wi-SUN specification, version 1.1, which supports Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and Limited Function Node (LFN), is expected to be included in the product certification program, with the earliest release anticipated in the middle of 2024. These new features are designed to enhance communication performance. The following highlights the advantages of OFDM and LFN for Wi-SUN FAN 1.1:

Advantages of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM):

  1. High spectral efficiency: OFDM enables data to be transmitted in parallel over many modulated narrowband subcarriers. This leads to a more efficient use of the spectrum.
  2. Resistance to multipath fading: OFDM provides better resistance against multipath fading. In OFDM, signals are transmitted over multiple subcarriers, with each carrier carrying a low data rate stream. This reduces the influence of multipath effects on communication quality.
  3. Resistance to narrowband interference: The multicarrier framework of OFDM enables effective handling of narrowband interference, enhancing communication reliability.
  4. Large-capacity data transmission: With its high spectral efficiency and robustness against multipath fading, OFDM supports large-capacity data transmission, making it particularly valuable for applications requiring high-capacity data transmission.

Advantages of Limited Function Node (LFN):

  1. Support for low-power devices: LFN has lower power consumption and can support low-power devices, which are typically wireless sensors or end devices, such as smart home devices.
  2. Network Development: LFN promotes the growth of Wi-SUN FAN networks by facilitating the integration of new certified end devices, thereby enhancing overall network scalability.
  3. Versatile applications: LFN broadens the application scope of Wi-SUN FAN, making it adaptable to various scenarios, including smart cities, smart agriculture, smart homes, and other environments that require low-power consumption and long-distance communication.
  4. Improved terminal management: LFN enhances the management and monitoring of end devices, ensuring their normal operation and energy conservation, which is crucial for efficient network operation.

It is anticipated Wi-SUN will facilitate applications such as water and gas meters, with its high transmission rate offering increased flexibility for control applications in distribution automation. The standard stands out as highly competitive in diverse fields, including street lighting, smart cities, smart utilities, and sensor applications.

As an Authorized Test Laboratory (AVL) that provides Wi-SUN certification testing services, Allion offers consultancy and testing services and supports multiple manufacturers in achieving Wi-SUN FAN certification for their products. The company ensures that customer products accurately comply with Wi-SUN specifications.

FAN Certification Process

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Manufacturers lacking experience in product testing bear a certain degree of investment risk in the product design process. Allion addresses this challenge through comprehensive wireless solutions, assisting developers in verifying both the wireless product and its antenna design to ensure quality.


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