As a well-known and qualified verification organization, SGS is one of the largest Safety & EMC testing and cerification networks. If you want to sell electrical and electronic products to the world, you need to prove that they meet the safety standards and requirements of the target market. In addition to product safety verification, we can ensure that your products comply with FCC USA, CCC, VCCI, CE and other marking requirements. At SGS, we have professional skills and testing equipment to ensure that you get the most diverse international and regional electronic safety signs. After successfully applying for SGS product safety certification, you can apply for the use of SGS product safety logo. This logo can prove that your product meets all relevant product safety requirements in the target market. If you obtain the SGS product safety mark, we will conduct an annual audit of your product and factory. Usually, this logo is valid for five years and is the best marketing tool for your company and products.
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