Continuing our series on Matter, the unified connectivity standard has recently introduced the Multi-admin features as part of its functionality, presenting practical applications for users. However, its new feature has been facing problems.

Matter Multi-Admin Feature

Smart home ecosystems have faced challenges when it comes to operating independently, particularly with the multitude of smart home producers and mobile control applications available on the market. As the variety of smart home devices continues to grow, users find themselves dealing with the inconvenience of installing numerous apps. To address this issue, the Connected Standard Alliance (CSA) introduced Within its specifications, the “Multi-admin” control feature was introduced, facilitating interoperability among ecosystems such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung. This allows multiple users to simultaneously control their devices, enabling consumers to choose their preferred ecosystem even if household members use different ecosystem-specific mobile applications. This ensures the sharing of device management rights.

Matter’s Multi-Admin Problems

The Multi-admin feature’s interoperability was originally intended as more convenient for users, allowing for multiple household members to seamlessly control their devices from different ecosystems. However, dividing control of device functionality may not be practical in cross-ecosystem device operations. Allion has encountered several problems in past test scenarios.

1. Matter Multi-admin Pairing Failure

Design and compatibility issues are often found when several devices share control of different ecosystems. A common error encountered during the usage of the Multi-admin feature is the failure to pair, which requires rebooting or resetting before attempting again. To establish connections with multiple ecosystems, a “Re-sharing one by one” process is required. This process poses an inconvenience for households that require the Multi-admin feature.

Image demonstrates user’s screens when attempting to pair
Image demonstrates user’s screens when attempting to pair

2. Device Inconsistency Across Ecosystems

Device performance demonstrates inconsistency across various ecosystems, including the switch status not being synchronized and the settings value being inconsistent. While using Matter’s management application feature, the brightness, presented by the light bulb icon, is set to a specific numerical percentage. However, its status is inconsistent across separate devices.

Image displays inconsistent brightness display across devices
Image displays inconsistent brightness display across devices

In addition to the testing of Matter’s functionality, it is important to pay attention to interoperability issues involved in the Multi-admin feature in addition to potential problems in various user scenarios. Allion is capable of saving you time and reducing the cost of building a smart home ecosystem. Our professional Matter consulting service consultants allow your team to enjoy a faster, easier, and better service experience.

Why Choose Allion for your Multi-admin Feature Testing!

In response to problems reported by users, Allion, Matter’s globally authorized verification laboratory, provides standard certification for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Thread. With experience in Matter product testing together with in-depth testing of various Protocol Sniffers, wireless equipment, shielding rooms, etc., our team is confident it will provide the best verification for your product and provide professional consulting services.


  • Quickly obtain product development strategy (RFQ Define)
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  • Professional Issue Isolation
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  • Better and more complete Matter ecosystem interconnection analysis (Ecosystem Analysis)
  • Better and more complete user situation simulation analysis (User Experience Analysis)

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