Accredited by HDR10+ Technologies LLC on July 20, 2023, Allion now provides HDR10+ Projector Certification testing, HDR10+ GAMING Certification testing, and related integrated consulting services in response to a substantial increase in demand for a better home viewing experience in the end market.

HDR10+ capable devices featuring dynamic metadata, allowing HDR picture quality to be continuously adjusted according to different dynamic scenes. With the capability, an HDR10+ device enhances consumers’ viewing experience by delivering images with richer and more vivid colors.

HDR10+ Projector Certification

Products tested for HDR10+ Projector Certification are optical projector that supports 4K HDR. HDR10+ Projector certified devices can bring out the delicacy of image contrast and detail in dark scenes, providing a cinema-like experience for users.

HDR10+ GAMING Certification

HDR10+ GAMING specifications include Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) at 4K 120fps, automated HDR calibration, Source Side Tone Mapping (SSTM), and many more. Automated HDR calibration automatically sets a TV or display in a low latency reference mode. SSTM technology provides more accurate game output to compatible displays, delivering a more immersive gaming experience to product users.

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Device manufacturers aiming to receive an HDR10+ Projector or GAMING certification mark must undergo the compliance testing to meet their product’s performance requirements.

Allion has an extensive testing experience in audio-video industry and owns the most comprehensive testing equipment. It is a memorable moment for Allion to collaborate with HDR10+ Association to enhance the HDR10 ecosystem. In addition to a full range of HDR10+ certification testing, Allion also offer assistance in HDMI, DisplayPort, 8K, and other logo certification services, providing customized testing solutions to help clients shorten the product development schedule.

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