With the booming development of wireless communication technology and the increasing demand for user data at home, the smart home market continues to thrive. Additionally, updated standards and communication protocols are constantly being launched.

In 2023, Allion launched the self-developed AWE wireless equipment solution for key wireless performance indicators.

Besides, the Wireless Equipment (AWE) Product Launch and Technology Symposium was held on Wednesday, September 21st, to discuss wireless tech applications and solutions and bring networking experts and leaders together.

At the symposium, Allion unveiled two highlights:

  • Allion Wireless Equipment (AWE) Product Launch
  • Smart Home Certification and Consulting Services

Other topics involving inspiring conversation include:

▪ Allion Wireless Equipment (AWE) Technology Sharing
▪ TR-398 Specifications Updated
▪ Matter Consulting Service
▪ Smart Home Trends and Application
▪ Plume OpenSync Analysis
▪ TR-247 Standards and Specifications Explained

As a test lab with rich and extensive cross-field experience, Allion provides faster, easier, and more accurate solutions to improve product quality for all clients.

Allion Labs_Faster, Easier, Better

Network ecosystem and opportunities for smart home are expected to boom worldwide. The symposium was also an opportunity to share the market trends of smart home and Matter, helping all the attendees better understand the development and challenges of smart home.

Again, Allion appreciates all the industry leaders joining the Wireless Equipment (AWE) Product Launch and Technology Symposium.

【Other Consulting Services】

Allion Wireless Equipment (AWE) Solution

Matter Certification

➤ Networking Product Consulting & Validation

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