BizLink Technology, Inc. has recently received DP80 certification for its USB-C to Enhanced Full Sized DP2.1 cable, making it the first-ever cable of its kind to achieve this certification. The certification was granted by VESA on April 19th, 2023, and Allion Labs assisted BizLink in obtaining it by providing technology consulting and testing services.

Allion is pleased to have collaborated with BizLink on this project, as they are one of the top pioneers in connector and cable design. The USB-C to Enhanced Full Sized DP2.1 cable was granted VESA’s highest certification level of cable, which completes the ecosystem of DP and Type-C. In order to obtain DP80 certification, manufacturers must pass various tests, including the ability to transmit 80Gbps and support the included protocol.

1. Cable ID supports SOP commands and captures the information of the cable.
2. Supports communication with DP 2.1 Alt mode as well as legacy DP Alt mode.
3. Passes DP80 high bandwidth test standard.

●About USB-C to Enhanced Full Sized Cable:

Product Description: DP2.1 DP80 Type C to Enhanced full-size DP cable 0.8m 
Model Number: P0000025-DCC080

Bizlink USB-C to Enhanced Full Sized DP80 Cable

In addition to the USB-C to Enhanced Full Sized DP Cable, BizLink’s USB-C to Enhanced Mini DP Cable has also been certified by VESA DP80. Both cables were tested and certified by Allion.

●About BizLink USB-C to Enhanced Mini DP Cable:

Product Description: DP80 USB Type C to Enhanced mDP cable 0.8m
Model Number: 117G0-090561-R1

As a third-party test lab working with VESA to develop specifications, Allion is a leading laboratory in the field of cable testing. We provide manufacturers with essential, firsthand information on certification testing, and we excel at identifying and resolving the root causes of problems in a timely manner.

For more information on DisplayPort certifications, please contact us at or submit an inquiry.

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